Good quality wings are essential if first class paired wet or dry fly wings are to be tied.  Some can be offered as true pairs - both wings from the same bird - 50p per pair extra.

  Mallard £4.50
  Teal £4.50
  Pheasant (Cock) £4.50
  Pheasant (Hen) £4.50
  Partridge £4.50
  French Partridge £4.50
  Crow £4.50
  Magpie £4.50
  Jackdaw £4.50
  Woodcock £4.50
  Green Parrakeet £4.50
  Grouse £4.50
  Snipe £7.50 (Often in short supply)
  Coot £5.50
  Waterhen £10.00 (Waiting list)
  Jay £7.00
  Golden Plover £15.00 (Long waiting list)

A few thoughts ...

It has long been apparent that the vast majority of fly tying materials available are of an inferior quality -
which does not suit the needs of the discerning fly dresser. The majority of our materials are sourced, sorted, selected and packaged by us giving 100% quality control.

The Cookshill Guarantee -our aim is to provide a range of mainly natural materials of the highest quality and at a price that is sensible. We appreciate that the needs of each fly dresser are very individual and your idea of a correct feather size or colour may vary from ours.

Cookshill is not about fancy brochures and advertising we simply supply the finest quality natural materials.