Feathers for Herl and Wings

Partridge Tails

  Speckled £2.00 per 10
  Cinnamon £1.75 per 10
  Whole Tail £2.50 each

Grouse Tails £4.00 per 10

Speckled tail feathers for the correct wing on the

" Grouse and ...." series of flies.

Magpie Tails £3.50 each

Selected quality.

Goose Biots £1.40 per colour – Mixed Colour Bag £1.75

Available in the following colours:
White, Black, Orange, Olive, Red, Lime, Sunburst and Yellow.

Canada Goose Herl £2.00 per pair

For buzzer bodies.

Snipe Underwing Coverts £4.50 per pair

Amazing barred black and white feathers for salmon fly wings.

Marabou Plumes £3.00 per 20 plumes

Choose from  - White, Black, Olive or Orange

Macaw, Blue and Yellow

Three colours are available Blue & Yellow, other colours sometimes available. Used for horns on salmon flies. Tail feathers are sold in 1 inch sections.

  Centre Tail Sections £3.50
  Side Tail Sections £3.50 per pair
  Wing Quills £2.50 per pair

Cock Pheasant Tails £1.00 each

Selected quality tails from mature birds. The cock centres are standard for many patterns, and make excellent bodies and Hopper legs. Available - Natural, Melanistic, and dyed –Light Olive, Olive, Dark Olive, Green, Light Claret Claret, Black Claret, Orange, Red or Black.

Cock Pheasant Tails £2.00 each

Super selected tails for the tyer looking for fibre length in excess of 2 inches - Natural Only

Hen Pheasant Centre Tails

Selected for quality either natural or dyed in:
Black, Claret, Light Olive, Red, Olive or Orange.

  Natural 5 for £2.00
  Dyed 3 for £2.00

Peacock Eyes. 2 for £1.50

Available in:
Natural and dyed Olive, Yellow, Magenta, Pink, Black, Golden Olive, Claret, Chartreuse, Red, Ginger, Fiery Brown or Orange.

Peacock Herl £1.75

A good amount of strung herl.

Peacock Sword £1.75

A good amount of strung herl.

Peacock Tail Supports £2.90 per pair

Huge XL feathers in Natural Grey with long fibre length.

Peacock Wing

Superb quality mottled wing feathers for salmon fly wings.

  XL Selected £6.00 per pair

Chatterer, Toucan, Indian Crow or Cock of the Rock Sub £3.00

Cock Pheasant white neck ring feathers dyed to represent these rare materials. Approximately 50 per bag.

Oak Turkey £4.50 per pair

A few thoughts ...

It has long been apparent that the vast majority of fly tying materials available are of an inferior quality -
which does not suit the needs of the discerning fly dresser. The majority of our materials are sourced, sorted, selected and packaged by us giving 100% quality control.

The Cookshill Guarantee -our aim is to provide a range of mainly natural materials of the highest quality and at a price that is sensible. We appreciate that the needs of each fly dresser are very individual and your idea of a correct feather size or colour may vary from ours.

Cookshill is not about fancy brochures and advertising we simply supply the finest quality natural materials.