Hair and Fur

Crystal Boar Bristles £3.00 per pack. 4 packs £11.00

Cookshills own brand boar bristles - translucent like polar bear, all one colour available in:
Black, Yellow, or Chartreuse.

Roe Deer £2.50 Dark Roe (for Sedgehogs) £3.00

Good quality generously sized patches

Coastal Deer Light or Dark £3.00

Available in Light or Dark
Good quality generously sized patches

Elk Hair £3.00 per piece

Good quality generously sized patches


Good quality masks available in:
Natural, Yellow, Olive, Orange, Red, Black or Fiery Brown

  Natural Masks £3.50
  Dyed Masks £3.70
  Body Fur £2.50 per piece

Snowshoe Hare Feet £3.75 each


Natural wild rabbit

  Half skin £3.50
  Mask £3.00

Rabbit Zonker Strips. £2.25 per pack any 4 for £8.50

Top quality tanned rabbit professionally cut into strips approximately 3mm wide. Available in:
Natural, Chinchilla (Barred Silver Grey), Olive Chinchilla, White, Black, Hot Orange, Olive,  Peach, Red, and Yellow.

1 metre per pack.

Minkie Strips. £3.50 per pack – Any 4 £12.00.

Top quality mink skins cut into 2mm strips Available in:
White, Black, Silver Grey, Brown, Hot Orange, Yellow, Lime Green and Olive.

0.4 m per pack.

Weasel Strips. £2.50 per pack.

Similar to the Mink Strips but a natural Ginger colour.

0.4m per pack.


Good quality skins, Natural and dyed Black, Olive, Claret and Fiery Brown.

  Natural £3.00 per skin
  Dyed £3.00 per skin


Squirrel Skins

  Pine Squirrel Skin £11.00 each
  Grey Squirrel Full Skins £14.50 each
  Fox Squirrel Full Skins £16.50 each
  Fox Squirrel pieces £4.00 each

Squirrel Tails

Selected tails of the highest quality. dyed colours available:
Black, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Claret, Olive, Brown, Sunburst, Purple and Red.

  Natural Grey £2.00 each
  Dyed £2.75 each or 4 for £10.00

Stoat Tails £2.25 each

Seal Fur £3.00 per pack – Any 5 for £13.50

This is  superfine easy dub baby seal. Available in Natural Cream, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Dark Olive, Golden Olive, Irish Golden Olive, Ginger, Black, Yellow, Orange, Hot Orange, Scarlet, Fiery Brown, Dark Fiery Brown, Tobacco, Light Claret, Med Claret, Dark Claret, Pink, Hot Pink, Sunburst, Black Claret, Green Highlander, Lime Green and Blue

Artic Fox £4.00 each any 4 £15.00

 A good sized piece of tail in White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Red, Brown or Lime Green.

Extra Long Black Fox £4.00 per piece


Goat Hair £5.25 per piece

Long, supple, fine Chinese goat hair in
Black, Yellow, Orange, Blue or Red.

Bucktail - selected quality full tails £7.50 each any 4 £29.00

Available in:
Natural, Black, Red, Brown, Chartreuse, Claret,  Green, Blue, Sunburst, Yellow or Orange

Polar Bear £8.00 per pack

  Short Hair up to 50mm £8.00 per piece
  Longer Hair over 50mm £9.00 per piece

Superb  quality, generous sized pieces. Available in Natural, Red, Blue, Green, Hot Orange, Yellow and Sunburst.

Black Bear £4.50 per piece


Peccary £6.50 per piece

A few thoughts ...

It has long been apparent that the vast majority of fly tying materials available are of an inferior quality -
which does not suit the needs of the discerning fly dresser. The majority of our materials are sourced, sorted, selected and packaged by us giving 100% quality control.

The Cookshill Guarantee -our aim is to provide a range of mainly natural materials of the highest quality and at a price that is sensible. We appreciate that the needs of each fly dresser are very individual and your idea of a correct feather size or colour may vary from ours.

Cookshill is not about fancy brochures and advertising we simply supply the finest quality natural materials.