All contain a generous amount of good usable feathers, packed in a quality re-sealable bag.

Partridge Hackles £3.50 per bag

Selected feathers including those hard to find small neck hackles. Available in the following colours:Natural, Light Yellow Olive, Medium Olive, Golden Olive, Irish Golden Olive, Blue and Lime Green

Grouse Hackles £3.00 per bag

Selected small hackles.

French Partridge £3.00 per bag

Popular for the hackling of mayfly patterns. Available in the following colours:
Natural, Light Olive, Medium Olive, Dark Olive, Sunburst & Orange

Woodcock Body Hackles £3.00 per bag


Snipe Rump Hackles £ 3.00 per bag (Very scarce)


Golden Plover Hackles £ 5.00 per 30 selected feathers


Waterhen Body Hackles £2.50 per bag (Very scarce)


Jackdaw Neck £2.50 per bag


Schlappen Feathers £4.00 per bag

Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Magenta, Hot Orange, Chartreuse and Natural Brown

Cock Pheasant Neck Hackles £2.50 per bag


Peacock Body Hackles

  Blue selected £1.50 per 10
  Blue bulk bag £4.00
  Javan Green £3.00 per 10

Guinea Fowl Hackles £2.50 per bag

Available in:
Natural, Blue, Red, Orange, Green & Yellow

Blue Jay Hackles £3.00 per bag


Double Sided Jay £1.00 per pair


Jackdaw Scalps £3.50 each

Used for hackling Spider patterns where a blue dun hackle is needed.

Magpie Scalps £3.50 each

Small dense black hackles for use on spider patterns.

Spey Hackles – Heron substitute £3.50 per 50

Very effective as a Heron substitute. Size small. Suitable for tying up to size 1/0.

Asian Heron Spey Hackles £3.50 per 10

Imported heron hackles finer than the protected UK Heron will tie up to the largest sized Spey Flies
Available in Nat Cream,  Dyed Black, Grey, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Red and Green Highlander.

Sizes Small, Med and Large


Real Heron Spey Hackles £4.50 per 10

Natural Grey, Natural Red Brown, Dyed Black

Silver Pheasant Hackles £3.00 per 10


Golden Pheasant- selected for depth of colour

  Complete Heads £10.00
  Complete Tippet Collars £5.50
  Dyed Half Tippet Collars Hot Orange or Red £4.50
  Complete Crests £6.50
  Complete Tails £8.00
  Body Skins £6.50
  Dyed Body Skins Hot Orange £7.50
  Dyed Body Skins Red £7.50


A few thoughts ...

It has long been apparent that the vast majority of fly tying materials available are of an inferior quality -
which does not suit the needs of the discerning fly dresser. The majority of our materials are sourced, sorted, selected and packaged by us giving 100% quality control.

The Cookshill Guarantee -our aim is to provide a range of mainly natural materials of the highest quality and at a price that is sensible. We appreciate that the needs of each fly dresser are very individual and your idea of a correct feather size or colour may vary from ours.

Cookshill is not about fancy brochures and advertising we simply supply the finest quality natural materials.